LiveChat Starter Kit Demo Project

LiveChat Starter Kit version 2 uses SignalR as the communication mechanism.

To test it live

To configure passwords and other info visit the installation / configuration page.

Open the agent panel and log in with the following credentials:

agent name : anything
password: either the admin or agent password you configured.

To simulate a chat, open another browser and start typing a question in the chat box on the bottom-right corner.

A new request will be displayed on the left side bar of your agent panel. Click on it to start the chat session.

Once the chat is started, a visitor can browse to another page and keep connected with the same agent.

You can test it out by clicking here. The agent will be notify of the new page requested.

Video - How to add LCSK to your website

You can watch a quick video showing you how to add LCSK to an existing web app:

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